Hello there, Since you're here on this page you may really want to get hold of us… Below are numerous ways in which we can be contacted. I can't promise you an instant response, however someone will get back to you in a resonable amount of time. If you're looking for answers to more basic questions, first please check out our FAQ here. If you are wondering about "how-to" something, be sure to check the TUTORIALS here.

Direct online sales:Plushform can be purchased directly from this site or you can buy Plushform from a number of stores around the world. Get in touch here email, if you need help finding a local shop. Maybe you have a favorite craft or hobby shop that you think should carry Plushform? Let us know.

Curious what's going on: Follow us on your favorite social media site for the most up-to-date info about shows and workshops around the world. You can keep up with us via: Instagram and Facebook Facebook.

General questions about Plushform: No problem, just send us an email email and we will do our best to make it all clear.

Thanks for your interest in Plushform. It's a unique, fun and creative product!

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